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University of Arizona TV Remote Control Study

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A new study by the University of Arizona Microbiology Professor, Dr. Chuck Gerba ranks the TV remote control as holding the highest level of bacteria in a patient's hospital room. The bacteria can lead to Nosocomial Infection, or hospital-acquired infection.

Among the bacteria found, MRSA the dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria were only discovered on the remote controls. There were no traces of it on any other objects tested.

Key Objectives of the Study


The Study was conducted in June, July and August 2005. The study involved 15 hospital rooms to determine if the greatest number of bacteria in a patient's room occurs on the remote control. Television remote controls were divided into three groups each with a corresponding period of time. The groups included:

Study Results

Study Sites Tested

Staggering Statistics

Nosocomial Infection - Hospital-Acquired Infections